Hygienic conditions in hotel Intermezzo


Due to the taken measures, Croatia has had exceptionally good results in the fight against the corona virus (very few patients).

Therefore, Intermezzo Hotel has included the latest recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health in the hygiene maintenance protocol, which will guarantee a safe stay for its guests while the special measures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic are taken. Also, along with the security engineers, the health professionals  are now included as advisory members of this hotel's team to provide guidance to the hotel operations manager, the household and the kitchen.

This small boutique hotel has maintained the highest level of hygiene ever since its first day of operation, and has rated 10 out of 10 (or 5 out of 5) ratings on all portals.

Now, the hotel is raising the standard that applies not only to the level of cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel, but also to the new rules of employee behavior aimed to protect the health and safety of guests.

Employees that clean and disinfect all hotel areas use materials of the highest safety level for guests' health. In addition to the traditional method of disinfection, an ozone generator was introduced into the hygiene maintenance process to disinfect all surfaces. The goal is to quickly and efficiently disinfect and prepare hotel rooms, kitchens, lobbies, toilets and other public areas.

In addition, there will be a disinfectant in each room for the personal use for every guest, as well as hand sanitizer points at several different locations in the hotel.

Guests will also be able to make telephone requests without direct contact with employees, and order room service, transfers, trips or other special orders.

Hotel owner:

Marino Buljanović